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Quality Controlled Process

Ensuring the Market Ready Quality in all Containers.

Chemical Safe Material

No reactions. 100% Airtight Packages. Guaranteed.

Fast Production and Delivery

Meeting the Client Demands on Time in full Quantity.

Some of Our Container Types

Capsule Bottle

Dropper Bottle

Hand Sanitizer


Roll-On Bottle

Pet Perfume

The Best Plastic Jars & Bottles for Daily Use

We manufacture the best and high-quality plastic containers for daily use. The flawless layer of plastic, with secure and leak-proof lids, always ensures the quality of the liquid or other products in them.

The customizable design of the plastic jars and bottles is made to be sealed and free from exposure, leaking and easy to use.

  • Leak ProofSealed and Secured

  • Easy To Use –Designed for Perfect Usage

  • BPA Free – High Quality and Safe Plastic

Some of Our Plastic Containers

We make the Best High-Quality Day Life Containers

We are the manufacturer of the best quality innovative wholesale plastic jars and bottles designed and developed to be exactly ideal for daily use in life. The material of all packaging products is made with high-quality plastics that are ensured to be safe for daily life solutions, with the feature of leak-proof and BPA free. The containers are made with an innovative design that makes it easier for the consumer to use the product as well as maintain a high quality life style.

  • Chemical Safe Material

  • Innovative Designs

  • Direct Factory Production

  • Fast Shipping

  • Customizability

  • Oxidation-Proofed

  • Lowest Cost

  • Ensured Quality

We are the Symbol of Novelty in Custom Daily Life Container Supplying with Worldwide Trust

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Manufacturer of Plastic Containers

Taizhou Aohuan Plastic Company is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers including high-quality bottles, jars, and spray bottles, especially for daily use. Our excellence in manufacturing is purely earned through the quality and the safety we deliver in all the products, with a guarantee of the flawless form of all the bottles and jars.

The manufacturing process of our containers are made in the best plastics, using the highly technological automated machinery. The entire production process ensures the quality of the products and also ensuring the leak-proof quality. We manufacture the full range of plastic containers that are ideal for daily uses.

  • Daily Use Bottles

  • Supplement Bottles

  • Beverage Bottles

  • House Hold Containers

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Happy Comments of the World

We are proud to hear the happy feedback of our clients who have experienced the goodness and value of
our cosmetic containers. Read them on.

“They do Designs that Sells. Their products help us maintain the brand we are”

Madison Kylie, CEO, Glowita, United Kingdom

“Perfect quality and safe durability with designs of tomorrow. I love working with them.”

Patrick Volski, Chairman, Fairway Beauticulture, Texas, United States.