Nuts, dried flowers, Chinese herbal medicines, spices and other items will be stored in plastic jars. The plastic tank has large capacity and large caliber, which is convenient for storage. The transparent cylindrical bottle allows everyone to clearly see the contents.

In cosmetics, whether it is an adult’s cream or a child’s cream, PP plastic cans are used. They have different shapes, cute, beautiful, and strange. According to the customer’s product positioning, the designer will design products that meet the public’s aesthetic.

As a plastic bottle manufacturer, we will make 3D samples according to the 3D design drafts provided by customers. After removing the 3D samples, we will make molds. After making a long mold, we will make samples again and send them to customers for confirmation. The long cycle requires everyone to cooperate with each other. Every product that appears in the eyes of the public condenses the wisdom and hard work of many people.