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High-Quality empty cosmetic containers wholesale manufacturing at Aohuan for the lowest available market price

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Features of our jars & bottles that make your cosmetic products stand out

Miscellaneous Production Processes

Incorporating latest and most recommended production processes such as Injection,

blow-molding, pressurization, etc.

With Specified Raw

PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, ABS, PA, PMMA and other bottle make speaking favorably of different plastic bottle specifications.

Inspection The For
Highest Quality

Rigorous performance and quality assurance to supplement a durable and healthy packaging and storing condition.


Incorporating latest and most recommended production processes such as Injection, blow-molding, pressurization, etc.


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Trigger Spray Bottle

Side Grip Screw Bottle

Squeeze Top Bottle

Lotion Cap Bottle

Natural Spray Pump Bottle

Ribbed Screw Cap Bottle

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Why you need Aohuan

Cosmetic bottles bulk production

Our plastic cosmetic bottles represent a huge part of the market for a reason

Introducing unique cosmetic containers to the market over the years through our clients, currently we occupy a major part of the market – dominating our manufacturing industry. Why? Because our bottles and jars are the no 1 choice of giants in the cosmetic industry

Our Clients

Our Testimonials

Our products can make an impact in 

- Catherine Timberlake -

"Our products can make an impact in terms of usage and only in terms of usage. To get people to try and believe in them is another effort we have to make. The packaging is what matters 99% of the time in this case and thank you Aohuan for making that happen for us."

– Mason Johns -

“Things accelerate with cosmetics and the competition is beyond our reach unless of course we know how to incorporate the right containers which can hold our market space. Been in collaboration with Aohuan for years now and things are getting better for us each day. So thanks.”

– Pierre Vinson -

“We seek absolute quality in what we offer to people and that includes the containers where our cosmetic products go in. If we are not careful into the details of selecting the containers, it’s dangerous. Aohuan helps us from the inception to pick unique cosmetic containers tested for their safety.”

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Our products can make an impact in 

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  • +86-13967643701