Taizhou Aohuan Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of China’s professional plastic bottle manufacturer . We have been developing and producing a range of plastic packaging products for our customers’ OEM or ODM orders.

Pet Preform

PET preforms are pre-processes for making PET bottles.First.PET preforms are produced using PET molds, and then the preforms are put into PET blow molding molds to make PET plastic bottles of various capacities and shapes.
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Roll On Bottle

Roll-on bottle is a special bottle type, its bottle material is PP, PE, and the lid material is PP. It is understood that such products appeared on the market in 2000. To this day, the packaging is still very popular, thanks to his design in line with human habits.
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Capsule Bottle

Plastic bottles made of HDPE.PET.PP material, they are used to fill capsules, pills, powder and other products. Health products have the effects of weight loss and weight reduction, protein supplementation, immunity enhancement, dietary supplements.
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Dropper Bottle

The dropper bottle is often used as a container for nutritional supplements, plant essential oils, etc. It is also called an essential oil bottle.
Its plastic head material is silicone, with plastic ring, glass straw or PP material straw, bottle body material.
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Effervescent Tablet Tube

The effervescent tablet tube is also called effervescent tablet bottle, it is made of PP (polypropylene) material by injection molding process. The bottle cap with moisture-proof combination cap is composed of bottle cap, white cardboard and desiccant.
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Hand Sanitizer Bottle

As the epidemic spreads all over the world, disinfection and sterilization of the body and the surrounding environment are even more important. Alcohol, sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), and para-chloro-xylene peak (PCMX).
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Nuts, dried flowers, Chinese herbal medicines, spices and other items will be stored in plastic jars. The plastic tank has large capacity and large caliber, which is convenient for storage. The transparent cylindrical bottle allows everyone to clearly see the contents.
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